Hidden in the hills of Provence, the Château les Crostes is a vineyard rewarded for is wines of pristine quality. This beautiful castle dating from the 17th century is situated in a dense forest of pines and oaks, and is surrounded by generously spaced vines on the hills and valley descending towards the city of Lorgues. The Château les Crostes is truly a treasure waiting to be discovered in all of the beauty which is the south of France. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of Provence.

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Provence not only has its pleasant temperature and the elegance of the quaint little villages who’s beauty have conquered more than a few hearts, but hidden in the breath-taking views that look upon the valleys of Provence are the unending vines that produce this world-renowned wine.


The production of a wine of such excellence is only possible because of hard work and perseverance. First the grapes are handpicked which makes for a better assurance that no bad grapes have gotten into the load. Furthermore the upkeep of the vineyard is optimized by the regulated size of the estate.

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The Château les Crostes is situated in the middle of a forest area located 40 minutes by car from St. Tropez and the Mediterranean coast and only 10 minutes from the charming medieval town of Lorgues. The château dates back to the 17th century and...